Peaches Wall Tapestry

Peaches Wall Tapestry


Renowned artist Charles Wysocki had artistic aspirations from the time he was a small boy, growing up in Michigan. His lifelong love of Americana and Primitive art has left a tremendous legacy, one to be enjoyed and appreciated for generations. His body of work exhibits a timeless charm, whimsy, and familiar warmth that has garnered him legions of fans. Our skilled artisans love translating Wysocki’s originals to woven works of art for your home, lodge, or office. Nothing says Summer, and country living like a beautiful basket of fresh produce. These plump, lucious peaches are garden fresh, and waiting on the kitchen counter to become delectable pies, ice cream, or cobbler. So perfectly colored, you'll think you can steal one from the basket, while mom isn't looking.

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Dimensions: 34” x 26”

Material: 100% Cotton

Process: Jacquard woven and hand sewn by American Craftsman.

Made in the USA.