Black Cherry, Chocolate & Cream Round Braided Rug

Black Cherry, Chocolate & Cream Round Braided Rug

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Round Braided Rug comes in 3 sizes and various colors.

Why choose Capitol Earth Rugs? Price, Quality, Durability, Reliability, Sustainability.

We are Green! Capitol Earth Rugs introduced the first Eco-friendly jute rugs in 1980. Now Eco-friendly table accents, baskets and more items are available for you. Our motto, “as natural as walking on grass” is as true now as when we began in 1980.


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We are proud of the fact that Earth Rugs have not been treated with any fire retardant chemical. Our Jute Fiber has natural fire retardant properties. Earth Rugs meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard FF1 for flammability. That's why Earth Rugs are the natural choice near the hearth and in the home!

Earth Rugs can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Periodically clean with water or a little sun and fresh air never hurts. Vacuum normally. We do not recommend machine-washing our fine braided rugs.