Hello, I’m Art Sigman.

Thank you all for making me your chosen source for rustic home and garden decor. I’m here to give you a personalized shopping experience that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re searching for a specific home and garden decor item that doesn’t appear on my site, call me. I can save you time and money if you let me find and special-order it for you. It’s what I’m here for!

I first started Wooden Treasures as a gift store in Northern Michigan selling wooden carvings and trinkets. Over the years, I’ve added home and garden decor and launched the online business you see before you today. My customers love the cabin and cottage themed home and garden decor I provide on Wooden Treasures because I hand-select products I know you’ll love. These products are created by local artisans, nationally-recognized designers, crafters. carvers, and weavers. And if you don’t love it, or need help with your order, the phone line rings directly to me. I have been doing this for over 30 years, so my knowledge of products in this niche is unmatched - I know you’ll be happy you called after we’re through. I’m your dedicated home and garden decor supplier for your cabin, rustic-style home, or cottage. I’m here at my desk handling your orders, taking your questions, and churning up sales and promotions ideas to help you get the deal your deserve in the season you need it most. My customers are my lifeblood. And I find great joy in helping you find unique treasures that add the hint of up-north comfort and style to your environment.

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This site and all of its products are managed by me, and I aim to be the most personalized and pleasant shopping experience you can get in this industry by giving you the one and only Art Sigman as your personal shopping assistant! Don’t be shy to call, and please also don’t be shy to offer me feedback on your shopping experience on my site. Your thoughts and opinions are always appreciated here.

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