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Earth Rugs™
Braided Rug Collection
Oblong Braided Rugs

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2 Sizes: Burgundy Soft Patch Rug
ER-ITC-TSP-02 $32.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Blue
ER-ITC-013 $27.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Blue Gray
ER-ITC-778 $27.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Mocha
ER-ITC-012 $27.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Natural Gray
ER-ITC-781 $27.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Sage
ER-ITC-015 $27.00
2 Sizes: Craft Spun Tan
ER-ITC-014 $27.00
5 Sizes: Black Soft Patch Rug
ER-ITC-TSP-01 $32.00
5 Sizes: Caramel Soft Patch Rug
ER-ITC-TSP-03 $32.00
8 Sizes: Black Cherry/Chocolate/Cream
ER-RC-371 $27.00
8 Sizes: Brown/Black/Charcoal
ER-RC-099 $27.00
8 Sizes: Burgundy/Blue/Gray
ER-RC-043 $27.00
8 Sizes: Burgundy/Gray/Cream
ER-RC-357 $27.00
8 Sizes: Burgundy/Mustard
ER-RC-019 $27.00
8 sizes: burgundy/mustard/ivory
ER-RC-319 $27.00
8 Sizes: Fir/Ivory
ER-RC-051 $27.00
8 Sizes: Honey/Vanilla/Ginger
ER-RC-300 $27.00
8 Sizes: Light & Dark Blue/Mustard
ER-RC-079 $27.00
8 Sizes: mocha/Frappuccino
ER-RC-313 $27.00
8 Sizes: Olive/Burgundy/Gray
ER-RC-024 $27.00

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